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Our Companies

We invest in promising start-up and early stage companies across Scotland. We focus on technology and life-sciences companies, and have invested in sectors ranging from software development and alternative energy to biopharmaceuticals and bionics.

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World-leading prosthetic technologies

Website user management

Web Enabled Monitoring and Control Solutions


Timber frame manufacturers

Stem Cell Sciences

Security software solution

Resistant bacterial infections

Outsourced business processes and data management


Next generation middle ear implants

Mpathy Medical

Monitoring and management of Hand Arm Vibration

Leading 360 degree rapid imaging systems

Laser micro-machining for precision micro-optics products


Innovative microarray solutions

Innovative medical devices

High tech solutions in general aviation avionics

Flow assurance and corrosion management technologies


Data, print and post services

Data Discoveries

Crombie Anderson

Clinical software for self-assessment of muscle and joint problems

Business Management Software

Bioinformatics data analysis

Bespoke high value investigative toxicology studies

Analysis of cells away from the laboratory

Accelerated comparison of medical imaging

3D Waveguide Technology for Optical Communications