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Earth Blox

Earth Blox provides unparalleled access to satellite imagery and geospatial data for earth observation.

There are significant and increasing volumes of satellite data now being stored in repositories and going back decades, however, to date, accessing the data has been difficult and involves expertise and a considerable amount of coding work. Currently, earth observation analysis is dominated by consultants building bespoke pieces of software for users.

Earth Blox software has a drag-and-drop, ‘no code’ interface, that allows users to create and customise complex queries in minutes, thereby enabling unprecedented levels of earth observation insights for all. Users build their queries block by block (using criteria including specific satellite, region, weather, fire, vegetation, timeline plus others), akin to ‘LEGO’ for satellite data interrogation.

Applications of earth observation reside in numerous sectors including Infrastructure, Location, Defence, Natural Resources, Environmental Monitoring, Energy, Disaster Management and Maritime.

Earth Blox serves enterprises operating at large scale, monitoring inaccessible locations, where spatial intelligence is best served by satellite data. Companies from across the energy, insurance, and environmental sectors, as well as some international NGOs use Earth Blox to inform critical decision making around climate and security risks, environmental degradation, and adaptation to climate change. For these, the global economic cost of natural disasters (estimated at c.$200 Bn in 2020) is forecast to drive even further increased environmental monitoring and disaster management.

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