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Originally formed in 1992 and based in Edinburgh, Archangels is a prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than a quarter of a century.

Today, Archangels comprises more than 100 investor members and typically invests more than £10 million per year in early stage Scottish companies.




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Investor Due Diligence

Relationship with management

Is there a large, addressable market?

Is the technology disruptive and unique?


We are


Through the way that we’re structured, our ambitions and our objectives, we are aligned with the interests of both our member investors and our portfolio companies.

We are


We bring together the skills and experience of our members, our extensive network and our portfolio companies, to achieve the best outcome for the businesses we support.

We act with


We are transparent in all our business dealings, applying a consistent approach to the investment process, which our investors and portfolio companies can rely upon.

We are


From the rigour of our due diligence to the method of our investment process, we act with the highest degree of professionalism across every aspect of our operation.

We work in


We provide support through thick and thin to help our portfolio companies achieve their ambitions and to maximise returns for our investors.

We are


As a dedicated investor in Scotland’s next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, we are deeply committed to our long-term role in maximising investor returns, building and nurturing successful businesses and helping Scotland prosper.

Our team

The syndicate and its executive team have wide experience and networks in a diverse range business sectors and disciplines which allow them to help and support the creation and development of young companies in Scotland and to maximise investor returns.

The Benefits of an Experienced Executive Team

Our office facilitates and supports the investments by our members in the following ways:

Undertaking a systematic search for new opportunities, building on our strong contacts with universities, incubators, accelerators and intermediaries

Screening business plans

Conducting thorough pre-investment due diligence

Negotiating pricing of fundraisings

Appointing an Archangels observer from our Executive Team who is responsible for monitoring, supporting and, where appropriate, intervening in investee companies

Ensuring that the financial controls and reporting
in each company is professional and timely

Appointing a suitable Investor Director and influencing
the appointment of the Chairman in investee companies

Arranging networking opportunities and group training
for investee company executives and employees

Identifying and managing exits

Creating a strong bond with founders and management

Co-Investor Partners

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Impact evaluation of activities, 1992-2015

Impact evaluation of activities, 1992-2022

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