For entrepreneurs

Archangels welcomes funding submissions from start-ups and early stage companies in the technology and life sciences sectors. The syndicate invests equity only.

Investment criteria

Archangels welcomes investment enquiries from companies that fit all of the following criteria:

MUST be both operationally based and registered in Scotland, UK.

The investment opportunity can cover a range from ‘proof of concept’ through expansion capital, including start-up, early stage or series A but must have high growth potential, including international sales potential.

Should have Intellectual Property (IP): defendable, disruptive technology and / or know-how, difficult to replicate.

Must be in a sector which qualifies under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Must be a technology or life science business with a B2B business model.

Seeking initial funding of £250k to £2m.

Investment process

Our team review circa 200 investment enquiries per year. The following is a brief overview of our review process:

1 | Review and assessment

Submission reviewed and business assessed against our investment criteria to ensure alignment.

2 | Details added to New Deals list

If investment criteria are met, details will be added to our New Deals list for discussion at the next New Deals Committee (NDC) meeting. Meetings are approximately fortnightly.

3 | Further evaluation
Business may be asked to present to NDC for more in-depth evaluation.
4 | Due diligence

If the NDC is supportive of progressing, we will conduct detailed due diligence.

5 | Archangels Board presentation

When due diligence is substantially complete, with no issues raised, the management team will be asked to present to the Archangels Board.

6 | Board approval

Following Board approval, pricing will be agreed and a term sheet issued.

7 | Present to Archangels members

On execution of the term sheet, a date will be set for the company to give one presentation to Archangel members. Can be in person or online.

8 | Fundraising process begins

Following the member presentation, the fundraising process begins. This involves the book building; where individual Archangel syndicate members confirm how much they will invest.

9 | Lead investors

Archangels is always lead investor; negotiating legal documentation including the Investment Agreement and gathering of funds. If appropriate, we may also co-ordinate co-investment.

Submit an investment enquiry

Please submit details of your investment opportunity for our team to review.

You should include an overview of the company and details of any IP / USP, together with a summary outlining your funding requirements and how it will be used.

Our clear preference is to invest in companies which are not capital intensive and are capable of achieving scale and generating revenues without significant capex.

Send your enquiry to

About Archangels

Based in Edinburgh, Archangels is a prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than a quarter of a century.

Our portfolio

We focus on IP rich technology and life-sciences companies, and have invested in sectors ranging from software development and photonics to medical devices and bionics.

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