Clinical software for self-assessment of muscle and joint problems

PhysioMedics™ Limited was established in 2010, to create clinical software which automates the management of muscle and joint (MSK) problems.

Utilising the pool of talented specialist physiotherapists employed by sister company, The Physio Centres, PhysioMedics™ have developed the Intellectual Property of PhysioWizard®.

The PhysioWizard® has evolved significantly to become a clinically-led, CE Marked, online self-assessment program which triages, assesses, diagnoses and treats low back problems. It is the most comprehensive online assessment for back pain on the market, which addresses the following customer needs:

  • Registration
  • Medical and red flag screening
  • Employment-specific questions
  • Risk assessment (validated questionnaire)
  • Back Scoring (validated questionnaire)
  • Diagnostic questionnaire with 1,000’s of permutations

PhysioMedics™ will use the PhysioWizard® blueprint to create further modules. The strong relationship with The Physio Centres gives PhysioMedics™ a cutting edge to enable continuous development and trial of further products for neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and more.

Sarah Hardy