Ian Macleod


Ian graduated from Heriot Watt University in Business Law and has an MBA from The University of Edinburgh. After working for four years with a US electronic components company, he moved to London and began a career as a financial analyst, in which he specialised in Electronics and Telecoms, initially with Capel Cure Myers and subsequently with decade long spells at NatWest Markets and Jefferies. During most of this period he was based in Paris and was recognised for several years as one of the leading European Telecoms analysts in the industry. Latterly Ian has focussed on smaller tech, cleantech and biotech companies, moving into fund management with 360 Asset Managers and more recently Accessible Clean Energy. Ian returned to Edinburgh in 2016 where he works as an editor, studies art and pursues other business interests.

Ian joined the Board of Archangels in April 2018.