Health risk monitoring for arduous work environments

Reactec are pioneers in developing novel solutions for managing the risks faced within the workplace.

Power tools emit vibrations which cause irreversible sensory damage, limiting an individual’s quality of life and capability to perform manual skills. Deep subject matter expertise coupled with the latest electronics and software technology allowed Reactec to become an industry leader in Health and Safety technology solutions within harsh environments. Leading blue-chip organisations benefit from Reactec’s cloud-based data management of vibration exposure information, building it into best practice processes across diverse deployments.

Reactec are now actively expanding into other areas of risk within the workplace to consolidate an employer’s understanding of their workforce risk profile. A range of industries such as Construction, Facility Management, Local Authority and heavy manufacturing already see Reactec as a valued partner in understanding how to control the most widely reported occupational disease within the UK, which is gathering more global notoriety, and are keen to see broader use of their long standing relationships.

Sarah Hardy