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QueryClick’s unique machine learning-based tool suite, delivers granular data output and custom metrics, to identify proactive adjustments for their clients’ multi-channel marketing strategies.

With digital ad spending predicted to reach $316 billion by the end of 2019⸸ and the bulk of that spend driven by algorithms, accurate attribution is the single biggest challenge facing marketers today. Yet widely used solutions provide only historical attribution insights, that are frequently incorrect due to data cleansing challenges, preventing proactive spend adjustment. Only accurate forecasted attribution provides the insights needed to enable proactive, near-real-time adjustments to cross-channel marketing spend, to maximise overall ROI for current and future marketing budgets.

Realising the limiting factor with existing attribution models was the quality of the data going in, QueryClick combined pioneering data science and machine-learning techniques to develop Corvidae; an attribution solution with a difference. Corvidae simulates billions of future outcomes based on historic marketing data and resolves media mix to a perfect balance of growth and ROI instantly, to provide accurate, forecasted attribution insight, enabling Clients to maximise the strategic use of budget.

Forecasted attribution can also be used to inform and enhance QueryClick’s other services:

Halo is a proven solution for removing unnecessary paid spend using data, which complements any attribution model. It provides objective media-mix analysis, identifying efficiencies and which high-impact strategic changes should be prioritised across SEO and PPC activities. The outcome is greater efficiency across paid budgets: increased growth without drops in conversion rates.

Swiftlink is a creative content pre-qualification tool, that is used to maximise content marketing efficiency for SEO as part of the creative process. SwiftLink connects social data with external link data to provide tendency to link (TTL) and tendency to share (TTS) metrics which contribute to a compound metric: Tendency to Engage (TTE), mapped back to target keyphrase terms and existing content. The effect of this is to enable effective, objective content prioritisation before any creative time is invested in ideas. The outcome is to ensure that your content builds search ranking performance at a faster rate than your competitors and allows you to use data to lead your creative decision-making – essentially, activating the entirety of your marketing activity in service of online performance.

QueryClick were able to remove £4.2m cannibalised media spend for Air B&B. Additionally for Sally Beauty they drove an overall increase of 10.2% from search traffic volumes by balancing paid and organic marketing messages.


⸸ Report: “Global Ad Spending: The eMarketer Forecast for 2018” – May 2018

* Hubspot European content marketing report 2016)

Niki McKenzie