Web Enabled Monitoring and Control Solutions

NetThings has developed an “internet of things” platform that connects devices to be monitored and controlled over the Internet. The company specialises in energy management solutions and has a particular interest in helping SMEs to become more energy efficient. Small and medium sized companies in the UK use 46% of their energy outside of normal business hours and much of this is simply wasteful usage. More than half of these companies have no energy saving measures in place at all.

NetThings has set about designing affordable, uncomplicated and easy-to-use, web-enabled systems that help address this challenge. The NetThings “Click” family allows customers to quickly gain insight to, and control over, their energy consumption at minimum cost and effort, typically saving over 10% off their energy bills. Initially targeted at the energy and building automation market, their technology is suitable for other sectors, including connected car, home medical, assisted living and security.


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