Scottish Dental Tech Firm Prepares to Take on Fight Against Tooth Decay

A New Chapter for Calcivis: Board Appointments, a Successful Fundraise and US Launch in 2022

Calcivis CEO (Adam Christie) and new Chair (John Stark) For more information see press release Pic: Peter Devlin

As dentists worldwide begin to tackle the backlog of patients whose tooth decay may have worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic*, Edinburgh-based dental technology company, Calcivis, is preparing for a US launch with a restructuring of its Board and the successful completion of its latest funding round.

Calcivis has developed the world’s first biotechnology-based dental imaging system and has been part of Archangels portfolio since 2012. The Calcivis Imaging System can identify active tooth decay at an early stage, allowing dentists to use preventive treatments.

The leading life sciences veteran, Dr John Brown, has been appointed non-executive Chair of Calcivis, succeeding James Browning, who has stepped down from the role after eight years on the Calcivis Board. John has had a long association with Calcivis’ largest shareholder, Archangels, having chaired and overseen exits from two Archangel portfolio companies: Touch Bionics Ltd and CXR Biosciences Ltd. John is the current Chair of the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and senior non-executive director of Acacia Pharma plc and YourGene Health plc. In the public sector he is Chair of the Roslin Foundation, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and an Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh.

Commenting on his new role as Chair of Calcivis, John Brown said:

“Calcivis is at a very exciting point in its development. This device provides what many clinicians believe to be the “holy grail” of preventive dentistry and, with a US launch scheduled for next year, Calcivis is in a strong position to help dentists in the world’s biggest market to identify dental decay before it’s too late to save the tooth.”

In addition, Calcivis has appointed Vancouver-based Michael Crane as a non-executive director. Michael, who has worked as an adviser to Calcivis for a number of years, has over 35 years’ experience in the dental field, both in the US and Europe, and brings a wealth of contacts and a track record of commercialising dental technologies. Michael has held the position of Senior Vice President, North America Group, and Senior Vice President, International Group, for Dentsply, now Dentsply/Sirona. He has also held senior positions with Johnson and Johnson Dental Products Company and Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael Crane, NXD of Calcivis said:

“I’m confident that Calcivis can revolutionise the world of preventive dentistry at a time when many patients are suffering the effects of not being able to see their dentist for check-ups, due to the Covid-19 pandemic*. The Calcivis device will arm dentists across North America with the ability to spot tooth demineralisation earlier than has ever been possible before, allowing them to take the necessary steps, such as the deployment of fluoride varnishes, sealants, remineralising agents, and to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment.”

The Calcivis Imaging System, which combines a medical device with a photoprotein consumable, has undergone extensive clinical evaluation in advance of its planned launch in Boston, USA, in 2022. To facilitate this Calcivis has successfully completed a £1.52m equity fund raise, led by Archangels and also featuring investment from Scottish Enterprise and Lynx Financial.

Adam Christie, CEO of Calcivis, said:

“I’d like to thank James Browning on behalf of the whole Calcivis team and our shareholders for his leadership in getting us to where we are today.

“These appointments and the successful completion of another funding round signal the opening of a new chapter in the Calcivis story, as we prepare to launch our device in the US and see the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm shown by the whole Calcivis team become a reality.”


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