Bloxx moves Real-Time Content Filtering into the Cloud

Bloxx, a pioneer in content filtering and security, today announced that it will enter the Cloud market with the launch of Tru-View Cloud, a new cloud-based web filtering and security service.

Tru-View Cloud enables organisations to set robust policies for mobile workers and deploy filtering solutions to additional, remote locations, whilst benefiting from central management without the need for additional hardware.

Today’s complex, hybrid IT environment requires effective, constant content filtering and security for all users, devices and locations. By combining Bloxx’s on-premise hardware or virtual web filtering appliances with cloud filtering, Tru-View Cloud delivers real-time web filtering that minimises risk whilst increasing user and network protection in a cloud environment.

Combining all the existing features in Bloxx’s portfolio, Tru-View Cloud also introduces Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Management to simplify compliance, Single Sign On for BYOD users and enhanced Cookie Authentication – all of which can be managed from the cloud and applied unfailingly across multiple locations.

Charles Sweeney, CEO, Bloxx commented:

“The cloud has a key strategic role to play as the engine room of IT, but moving to a hybrid or off-premise model introduces new risks that still aren’t always fully understood. With a million malware threats released every day, security teams can’t afford to be in the dark about the vulnerabilities that new models of IT bring with them.

“Cloud is now a when – not if – investment, meaning security teams are more proactively having to get their own house in order and understand what security-as-a-service looks like. Without question a hybrid model will be the preferred choice as it provides the assurances of an on-premise model, with all the advantages of the cloud.”

The launch of Tru-View Cloud  comes at a strategically important time for Bloxx as it continues to aggressively grow its UK customer base and Channel presence as well as driving growth across the US and Central Europe.

Available now across Europe, key functionalities of Bloxx Tru-View Cloud include:

Real-time filtering and security:

  • Real-time content analysis, categorisation and filtering with patented Tru-View Technology
  • Full inspection of SSL traffic
  • Protection against malware, spyware and phishing attacks

Filtering and security for all users and devices:

  • Wide range of authentication methods supported
  •  Secure filtering clients for Windows and OSX devices
  • Wireless and mobile broadband connections supported

Full visibility and reporting of web browsing: 

–        Logging and reporting data is automatically transferred to the main on premise appliance

Secure deployment:

–        Bloxx Data Centres are ISO27001/SSAE-16 certified with N+1 redundancy

Easy provisioning and simple management:

–        Connect branch offices and roaming users with no hardware to install

–        Centralised policy management

About Bloxx 

Established in 1999, Bloxx is a true pioneer in the development and support of sophisticated Email and Web filtering technology. Our innovative patented Tru -View Technology (TVT) was the first real-time contextual content analysis solution on the market and provides advanced content analysis and categorisation, at the point of request across all content categories without the need for offline databases or database updates.  Bloxx’s award winning technology eliminates latency, reduces over and under-blocking and delivers zero second protection for new and modified webpage in their entirety – and not just the URL.

Our offices in the UK, US and Europe and our global network of Partners enable Bloxx to deliver Web and Email filtering solutions across the Public and Private Sectors and create safe, mobile and collaborative working and learning environments for over seven million users.


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