Bio-images Drug Delivery Ltd (BDD) is a drug delivery company specialising in the development of modified and controlled release oral formulations.

BDD’s OralogiK technology is a tablet-in-tablet drug delivery system providing timed release, sustained release and the opportunity for oral delivery of single, multi-dose or combination drugs at pre-determined times between one and 12 hours after being swallowed by the patient. The performance of this unique drug delivery system has been validated in multiple clinical studies in humans and offers tremendous opportunities, including:

  • night time dosing of a drug to be delivered pre-wake up;
  • multi-phased delivery of one or more drugs (immediate and delayed) to allow once-a-day dosing or for pre-treatment by one drug before the delivery of a second;
  • delivery of drugs to specific regions of the digestive system (e.g. the colon)

BDD is uniquely placed to provide clinical data to pharma companies that have licensed OralogiK, using its gamma scintigraphy imaging division (BDD Scintigraphy) that can be harnessed to deliver rapid clinical results for the conduct of gamma scintigraphic/ pharmacokinetic studies in humans.

Sarah Hardy