The next generation of hearing screening technology

Hearing Diagnostics Ltd was established in 2017, and has developed a novel hearing screening technology ‘Audimetroid’, which represents a new paradigm in hearing testing. It is targeted at hearing aid retailers who are looking for new technologies to support a growing hearing aid market.

Hearing Diagnostics’ Audimetroid uses a head motion sensor for localisation based hearing screening. The patient wears headphones with a motion sensor affixed which delivers randomly generated, spatially localisable sound stimuli, and advanced algorithms continuously track and analyse patient head orientation towards the sound stimuli in real time. The whole test is able to be performed in c.3 minutes, delivering c.20 trials for the patient, and generates a referral category on the basis of the serverity of their hearing loss (none vs mild vs severe hearing loss). This method has proven to be much more accurate and more resilient to imagined sounds and is also deemed to be resilient to background noise.

Niki McKenzie