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Archangels is a prominent business angel syndicate, which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than two decades. Our members invest in and mentor promising start-up and early stage companies from Scotland’s vibrant technology and life sciences sectors.

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We are always looking for new members to join the oldest business angel syndicate in Scotland.

To enquire about becoming a member of Archangels, please email us at:

Our members are people who are interested in investing in early stage technology and life sciences companies which are based in Scotland.

As well as financial investment, a number of our members contribute their time and expertise in support of our companies, if they have relevant industry experience and contacts.

Unless otherwise stated, all financial investments are made under the terms of the Enterprise Investment Scheme which provides significant tax advantages to investors. The tax benefits of EIS under current legislation are:

  • Income tax relief at 30%
  • No capital gains tax on gains made by the fund.
  • Full inheritance tax relief (after two years)
  • Capital gains tax deferral relief
  • Loss relief up to 45% of net investment after income tax relief of 30%, representing total tax reliefs of 61.5% of the original investment. Losses of individual investments are not netted against gains in the portfolio.

Please note, EIS investments must be held for 3 years to achieve all 5 tax benefits.


Archangels Investors | Rules of Membership (adopted on 26 October 2016)

"Archangels, the business angel group, then invested in us and they were very patient investors. The landscape around us changed quite a lot and they were very understanding and listened as we explained what was going on and how we needed to change."

Dr Alastair Martin, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Flexitricity